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Epilfree Home reduces unwanted facial hair and slows down its regrowth. Especially recommended for removing individual hairs that grow annoyingly on the chin or other parts of the face. It is a continuation of the treatment performed in the office.
The product was developed by Dr. Yoel Konis, Ph.D., especially for customers who use it at home. 
It contains 99.5% natural and naturally sourced ingredients. It is perfect for any excessive hair around the face and neck.
  • It is important to apply the PREPARATION to a freshly emptied hair follicle 30 seconds after epilation.
  • You can use the timer to see what area you can depilate for 30 seconds.
  • The preparation does not work on broken hair, only on hair torn out with the root.
  •  Hair can be removed with tweezers, threading, wax, sugar paste
  • Depilate a small area by removing the hair thoroughly to the root
  • Use glo
  • ves Squeeze one drop of the preparation from the dispen
  • ser First application: TONER on the properly depilated skin area by patting it superficially
  • After a while, put the second drop on your hand and this time rub it firmly in the direction "against the grain"
  • Wait 3 minutes and repeat application steps 3 and 4


  • The EPILFREE system is dedicated to all types of hair, regardless of the complexion, hair color and thickness
  • It is an alternative for people who do not want or cannot use the laser
  • Tanned skin is not a contraindication for EPILFREE treatment
  • It is safe and painless
  • It can be used regardless of the season
  • Effective for all parts of the body
  • The product has been tested and certified
  • There are no contraindications for sunbathing
  • Reduces the amount of unwanted hair by up to 80%
  • No discoloration of burning irritation after the treatment.
The effect is noticeable after the first treatment. There is less and less hair with each new one. It is suggested to perform facial treatments every 2-3 weeks. Before the treatment, the skin should be clean so that the remaining substances do not interfere with the application process. After applying EPILFREE for 6 hours, do not wash the area, do not apply creams, lotions, oils, makeup.

The product is not tested on animals.

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