EpilFree Intimcare Serum 2x18ml Epil Free



Epil Free Intima set 2 x 18 ml NEW FORMULA

1. EpilFree is a new, unique and scientifically proven method of removing unwanted hair created by Dr Joel Konis.
2. EpilFree treatment is completely painless (except for mechanical hair removal).
3. The method is effective for all skin colors: tanned, light, dark.
4. Removes all types of hair, hair: gray, red, blond, nap and of course dark.
5. A product for everyone, regardless of age.
6. A series of tailor-made treatments effectively reduces and inhibits hair growth by up to 80%.
7. EpilFree is safe and used by qualified beauty salon personnel.
8. EpilFree is adapted to different parts of the body, such as the face, intimate areas and the body.
9. System approved by the Ministry of Health, with no side effects.
10. Dermatologically tested, does not cause discoloration.

After removing unwanted hair with wax or sugar paste, apply EpilFree. First, the ACTIVATOR, which expands the pores fourfold and facilitates the penetration of active ingredients. Then apply and massage EpilFree TONER, whose active ingredients act directly on the hair root and prevent cell proliferation.
This process has no side effects.

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