Genosys EyeCell home mesotherapy FOR EYE CARE


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Genosys EyeCell home mesotherapy FOR EYE CARE 

Genosys EyeCell is a set of cosmeceutics formulas specially formulated for use with derma roller. MINI DERMA ROLLER, the world's first in the kit, is specially formulated to effectively treat the eye area. The only one that reaches everywhere without problems.

GENOSYS Mini roller to the eyes, enhances the effects of cosmactic ingredients, active ingredients such as growth factors, bio-peptides and natural plant extracts. In an effective and safe way it strengthens and thickens the skin around the eyes.

Ingredients in serum under derma roller and cream after use of mini rollers, reduce edema around the eyes, reduce wrinkles and brighten shadows under the eyes.

Moisturizing eye patches soothe irritated skin, remove redness and moisturize the eye area after rolling.

GENOSYS is designed for the care of delicate eye areas - it can also be used to care for the lips and reduce the wrinkles around them.

The kit includes:

  •     Medical eye roller 0.25 mm,
  •     ECS Eye Serum,
  •     EGP eye peptides,
  •     ECC Eye Cream

The 6-week program of applying cosmetics together with the mini roller allows you to achieve the effects of reducing the darkness under the eye and regenerating the sensitive skin around the eye area.

Strong antioxidant action causes blood vessels to contract and capillary leakage, which brightens skin tone.

After 6-8 weeks, the cure causes significant reduction of violet coloration of the area under the lower eyelid, reduction of wrinkles and swelling.

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