Mesohair (cocktail) (Alopecia) 10x5ml full box


10 x 5 ml full box

BUSINESS MESO includes DMAE. collagen, organic silicon and elements that make the skin plump. smoothness and hydration, rejuvenating the skin. DMAE is the equivalent of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is involved in increasing muscle tension. Its action restores tissue firmness.

Collagen, proteins of connective tissue, are responsible for the skin's firmness. Over the years. fibers become more brittle and fade away, so it is necessary to replenish this lack with products that stimulate synthesis and restore skin smoothness, fill wrinkles and skin aging.

Organic silanol contributes to the synthesis of collagen and is a universal aid that improves the structure of the conjunctiva.

All these ingredients work synergistically. improving the tension and strength of the tissue in deep layers.

Product for professional use only.

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