Beauty Serum Formula Safe Placen HP 12x10ml WT-Methode

 The packaging contains 12pcs x 10ml


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Beauty Serum Formula Safe Placen HP 12x10ml WT-Methode

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WT-Methode Beaty Serum Formula Safe – a great preparation

called the beauty serum”.

It consists of high-value active substances in various phases, which surround the outer layer of the hair like a flexible dressing and they protect and care for hair in a unique way. This product has been enriched in RNA – ribonucleic acid (cellular insulin) and into other high-quality ingredients that effectively close around the hair. The included UV filter protects against harmful solar radiation, not allowing it to decompose previously imposed hairdressing chemistry.

Beaty serum is a special formula protecting hair!

What does the treatment that protects your hair look like?

At the end of treatments such as m. In. Application of preparations stiffening (type of lotions or foams), fixers for paints, rinses, coloring foams, regenerating preparations), lightly dry the hair dryer. Then Beata should be applied to the entire surface of the hair serum and spread the preparation using a comb. Preparations no it should be dented, massaged or rinsed off.

The treatment is recommended in particular:

  • after applying colored rinses and foams as well as paint fixers – paint does not leave marks on clothing and bedding
  • after a permanent wave – especially after the so-called acidic durable closes and protects the hair
  • after all other treatments with hairdressing chemistry closes and protects hair
  • for protection against moisture prevents the effect of “twisting”, protects the hair from moisture
  • as a protection of hair fading under the influence of sun, salt water and other harmful climatic influences creates a protective “coat”
  • for quickly greasy hair – it does not allow for their quick greasing
  • when showering – without shampoo, protection is re-activated
  • for every type of hair, in order to get the impression of a larger volume, it causes the optical “swelling” of the hair




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