Bikor Egyptische Erde 14 g



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Bikor Egyptische Erde 14 g

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Bronzes the skin, Leveling the skin, Illuminates, Creates the effect of natural tan.
Egyptische Erde – Egyptian earth is a bronzing powder, recommended for women of all skin types. Cosmetics can be applied face-to-face. The first layer smoothes out the color of the skin and gently illuminates it. The next layer darkens the skin, creating a natural tan effect.
Active ingredients contained in the product:
Vitamin E – This is a fat soluble vitamin. Resistant to high temperatures, thus protecting the vitamins A and C against excessive oxidation. Called elixir of youth” or “vitamin of youth”. Neutralizes free radicals that are responsible for the aging process of the skin, delaying the formation of wrinkles. It effectively protects against the destruction of epidermal lipids and collagen and elastin fibers, providing protection against the harmful effects of the environment. Increases the water-binding ability of the skin and has a smoothing and softening effect.
Shea butter – is obtained from a nut tree, called butter. Due to its high content of cinnamic acid it is a natural UV filter – it increases the SPF sunscreen factor. It has antioxidant properties, effectively neutralizes free radicals. Nourishes and protects the epidermis. Recommended especially for dry, dry, damaged, flaky, wrinkled, irritated, atopic, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, minor abrasions, after tanning. It can be used in the care of the face and the eye area.
How to use: Apply on face with a large brush to the powder. The excess of the brush on the product should be brushed against the palm and then spherically applied to every part of the face, neck or neckline.




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