Bikor Egyptische Erde Liquorice & Rose Moschata + Bikor Brush



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Bikor Egyptische Erde Liquorice & Rose Moschata + Bikor Brush

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The product has been enriched with two components:
Rusted rose oil – rich in antioxidants, vitamins C and A. Influences salvation on skin damaged by sun rays, fighting with excessive dryness and eczema. It is recommended not only for sensitive skin care but also mature because of its lightening and leveling properties.Liquorice Extract – It has properties that retain water in tissues, moisturizes and soothes the skin. It strengthens the blood vessels and reduces redness. Perfect for dry, sensitive and sensitive skin. It can also be used to care for oily and acne skin. It alleviates skin inflammation, irritation, itching and accelerates healing of wounds and bumps.For a cosmetic application on the face ideally suited to a large brush to the powder. The excess of the product should be shaken by hand and then spherically applied to every part of the face, neck or neckline. With proper pigmentation and consistency, working with the product will be easy even for beginners. Perfectly suits both summer and winter, giving the delicate tan of our skin. In the summer, it will emphasize the natural color of the complexion, but in the winter it will be ideal for evening outings, adding gold golden skin and healthy appearance. Egyptische Erde does not contain parabens. Dermatologically tested. The product was placed in an elegant golden-colored box.




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