BioAgePeel – INFINI Premium Peel 5x5ml

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BioAgePeel – INFINI Premium Peel 5x5ml

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An innovative, medical chemical stimulator based on trichloroacetic, kojic and mandelic acids. The action of the preparation is based on deep skin stimulation without damaging the outer layers of the epidermis. The intensive skin revitalization process takes place without a strong exfoliation effect and damage in the photoprotective structures of the skin.


The component combination of the product activates the Skin Stress Response System (SSRS) and causes the activation of biologically active peptide hormones, including beta-endorphins – acting as skin stimulators for fibroblasts, keratinocytes and glycosaminoglycans. The preparation intensifies the proliferation of the epidermis, the multiplication of skin support fibers and endogenous hyaluronic acid, as a result of which the skin becomes visibly tense and rejuvenated.

In addition, the preparation promotes epidermal growth factors, which are fundamental for the proper trophism and appearance of the skin, as well as the growth factor of the vascular endothelium, which is important for the proper metabolism and blood supply of the skin. As a result of using BioAgePeel, the skin becomes visibly younger, tense and firmer, and the signs of aging are effectively reduced.

Advantages of the BioAgePeel treatment

• high effectiveness and immediate effect
• multi-level and selective stimulation of the skin
• high TCA content while maintaining the maximum
skin tolerance
• lack of frosts, strong exfoliation and recovery time
• painless and safe
• possibility of combining with other treatment protocols
dedicated to all skin types and age groups
• medical component

Active ingredients

• trichloroacetic acid
• kojic acid
• almond acid


• intensification of the effects of other aesthetic procedures
• chronological aging of the skin
• photoaging
• wrinkles and skin sagging
• discoloration and pigment spots
• acne and its consequences
• scars
• enlarged pores and uneven skin texture
• abnormal skin tone




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