BLIZCARE Silicone gel for scars 15g



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BLIZCARE Silicone gel for scars 15g

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When to use Blizcare gel?
It reduces and makes scars more flexible Makes scars less visible It brings relief, removes the feeling of tension and itching
BLIZCARE® products are an effective, modern and non-invasive method of supporting the healing processes of postoperative scars. They make scars more elastic and smooth, improving their cosmetic appearance. They prevent the formation of hypertrophic scars and keloids, bring relief, and endure the unpleasant burning sensation and itching.
How to use Blizcare gel?
The gel is applied externally to the skin. It is advisable to wash and dry the application site before applying the gel. Spread the gel on the surface of the scar. In order to support the results, you can additionally perform a massage by rubbing the gel on the scar. Allow a thin layer of gel to dry. It is recommended to use the gel twice a day. After drying, you can use cosmetics on the gel layer. The gel is most preferably used up to two years after the wound has closed.




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