Croma CALMING Face Mask 8pcs.

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Croma CALMING Face Mask 8pcs.

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The Croma® Calming Face Mask was developed by the Croma manufacturer to provide optimal care and protection for sensitive and irritated facial skin. With active ingredients such as green tea, aloe vera, chamomile and cucumber, this face mask intensively frees the skin from wrinkles, dryness and flabbiness. Stressed skin caused by harmful environmental influences or irritating treatments such as injections or microneedling can also be soothed quickly and easily with the Croma® Calming Face Mask. It also protects the skin from a wide range of influences and strengthens the barrier function, resulting in sustainably cared for, flawless-looking skin.

Croma® Calming Face Mask works perfectly on tense and stressed facial skin in more ways than one. In addition, the Calming Face Mask also helps to reduce slight wrinkles such as frown lines and tightens the face. The active ingredient formula is composed of a variety of active ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, chamomile extract, white mulberry extract and cucumber extract are just some of the ingredients in the comprehensive formula, which provides comprehensive moisturization and smoothing of the skin surface. It is particularly suitable for combination with cosmetic treatments such as injections or microneedling. In this way, the face mask soothes the dermis for several days after just one application: the skin is immediately softer, better cared for and looks more attractive on the outside after using Croma® Calming Face Mask.


Before using Croma’s Calming Face Mask, cleanse your face thoroughly. The mask can then be removed from the pouch and applied to the face. Leave the mask on for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, you can remove the Croma® Calming Face Mask and massage the excess serum into the skin.



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