D-Lab absolu omega 3 + absolu de collagene+ absolu hyaluronique

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D-Lab absolu omega 3 + absolu de collagene+ absolu hyaluronique

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Program for 28 days. Set contains:

  • Pure Collagen
  • Pure Hyaluronic Acid
  • Microalgae oil contained in Omega-3 acids

1. Pure Collagen

Collagen is a protein responsible for skin firmness and tissue cohesion, naturally synthesized by the human body.

D-Lab Pure Collagen helps control blood pressure, relaxes blood vessels, dilates arteries and allows you to cleanse their walls of fat. In this way, it contributes to the improvement of circulation and reduces the risk of developing related diseases.

Features of D-Lab Pure Collagen

Smoothing the skin and reducing wrinkles
Stimulation of the body to produce fresh collagen
Skin firming

Patented marine collagen 2 g

of which marine collagen 1.88 g
of which elastin 112 mg


2. Pure Hyaluronic Acid

The high concentration of hyaluronic acid naturally occurring in the skin determines its youthful appearance. This compound makes the skin smooth, properly tense and, above all, hydrated. Unfortunately, with age, the concentration of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases, which is manifested, among others, by appearance of wrinkles, loss of firmness and visible signs of aging. The skin becomes drier and requires care.

After the age of 25, the body begins to synthesize less and the skin becomes dehydrated, which reduces its elasticity and causes an increase in wrinkles and expression lines.

D-LAB offers a new generation of hyaluronic acid. It contains a full spectrum of hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights, from 50 kDa to 3000 kDa, to be able to meet all the physiological needs of the skin while taking into account the different actions assigned to the three categories of hyaluronic acids.

Hyaluronic acid contained in a capsule resistant to gastric acid, is well absorbed by the body to ensure visible and lasting results.

The main advantages of Hyaluronic Acid:

it is a natural protection of tissues against bacterial infections
is the basic mucopolysaccharide that is part of the connective tissue
protects fibroblasts against the destructive effects of free radicals
promotes the migration of fibroblasts and the secondary synthesis of collagen
shows a low risk of allergies

For 1 capsule:

INGREDIENTS INGREDIENTS – Hyaluronic acid 200 mg


3. Omega 3 acids from microalgae

Omega-3 acids perform many important functions in the body, determining the proper course of various life processes:

They support the work of the heart and circulatory system
They have a positive effect on the increase in the level of “good cholesterol” (HDL) in the blood
They lower the level of “bad cholesterol” (LDH)
They have a moisturizing and regenerating effect on the skin

Omega acids by D-Lab contain vegetable algae oil. Oil obtained from marine microalgae Schizochytrium sp., grown in artificial sea water. This microalgea has a high content of DHA and EPA.
They will also help you maintain your overall health by improving your visual acuity and mental acuity so you feel great and ready to face the challenges of the day.

Ingredients for 1 capsule:

Shizochytrium microalgae oil 500 mg
including DHA 250mg
including EPA 1.25mg

Weight 1 kg

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