DERMAQUAL MW-MD 5x5ml hyaluronic acid 3.5%


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DERMAQUAL MW-MD 5x5ml hyaluronic acid 3.5%

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HYALURONIC ACID 3.5% is an extremely concentrated formula of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a medical gradation for strong rejuvenation and conditioning of dry and dehydrated skin. Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in the synthesis of extracellular matrix molecules and the interaction of epidermal cells with the environment. Its special ability to attract and bind water molecules serves to moisturize the skin and keep the skin tissue and epidermis elastic. The preparation immediately smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, restores the proper water balance and skin firmness. The formula induces cell renewal and stimulates the synthesis of physiological hyaluronic acid, visibly reducing the symptoms of chronological aging.

– restores proper hydration and hydration of tissues
– firms and tones the skin
– smoothes fine wrinkles and expression lines and prevents them from deepening
– accelerates skin regeneration and cell renewal
– stimulates the synthesis of natural hyaluronic acid
– stimulates the induction of collagen and elastin
– gives the skin a radiant and healthy look
– increases the softness and smoothness of the skin
– soothes skin irritations
– prevents skin aging and thinningAPPLICATION AREAS:
– face
– neck
– cleavage
Hyaluronic acid 3.5%

FORM: hydrogel

5ml HA 3.5% + 1 ml MesoGlow
5ml HA 3.5% + 10ml E.G.F Genesis
5ml HA 3.5% + 1ml Ascorbix 20
5ml HA 3.5% + 5ml DQ Hair

– needle mesotherapy
– needle-free mesotherapy
– microneedle mesotherapy
– electroporation, iontophoresis

Product for professional use only.

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