Dives Med FUSION PRP – PRP treatment set with hyaluronic acid



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Dives Med FUSION PRP – PRP treatment set with hyaluronic acid

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DIVES MED FUSION PRP is a specialized system for the acquisition and reimplantation of Platelet Rich Plasma enriched with hyaluronic acid for the purpose of intensive biostimulation of skin cells.

The use of a specialized DIVES MED FUSION PRP kit allows to obtain platelet-rich plasma (PRP), i.e. an autologous blood derivative containing a conglomerate of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid. The PRP-HA concentrate is obtained by taking blood directly from the patient and its subsequent centrifugation. The centrifugation process separates the individual morphotic elements of blood according to their weight and separates the HA, PLT (platelets) and plasma fractions. As a result, we obtain a highly concentrated PRP concentrate with HA with a remarkably regenerating and rejuvenating effect, which we reimplant into the patient’s body. This triggers a series of auto-repair reactions, activation of fibroblasts for collagen synthesis, active angiogenesis and stimulation of mesenchymal stem cells. The main advantage of the therapy is its autologous safety, with no risk of allergies, intolerance or rejection.


  • Lowering the biological age of the skin
  • Intensive tissue regeneration and redermalization
  • Raising the level of skin hydration and filling
  • Intensification of regenerative and metabolic processes
  • Improvement of skin firmness and elasticity
  • Smoothing wrinkles and skin structure

Advantages of the set The DIVES MED FUSION PRP kit includes two 10 ml sterile polycarbonate vacuum tubes containing 2 ml of hyaluronic acid, a separating gel and an anticoagulant solution. The set includes two sets of treatment instruments. Closed System – Tubes allow a vacuum, completely closed blood collection system, which increases surgical safety and prevents material contamination Medical polycarbonate – Making medical polycarbonate tubes, results in maximizing the level of platelets in the PRP concentrate and increasing the effectiveness of the therapy ACD + separating gel – Filled with ACD anticoagulant solution (sodium citrate, citric acid, glucose) and separating gel, facilitating the treatment Single packing – Each tube is packed in a separate blister, allowing the set to be divided into 2 independent treatments Hyaluronic acid CЄ1023 – Filled with non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid in a volume of 2ml and a concentration of 16mg / ml, increasing the effectiveness of the treatment



Step 1: Collection of Whole Blood

Before starting blood collection, disinfect the skin. Open the set of treatment instruments and the blister with the tube. Make a venous puncture using the included phlebotomy accessories, then connect the tube with the holder. The test tube will start to fill with blood automatically, up to the volume of about 6 ml. After filling, disconnect the tube and connect another if necessary. The obtained test tubes are turned upside down several times in order to mix the blood with the anticoagulant solution. Place contaminated collection instruments in a medical waste container and dispose of according to procedures for handling blood-contaminated materials.

Step 2: Centrifugation

Place the received test tube in a centrifuge. On the opposite side, sweep a counterweight filled with water or another blood tube to balance the device. Centrifuge for 12 minutes at 1800g RCF. Set the rotational speed (RPM) according to the recommendations of the manufacturers of the centrifuge.

Step 3: Get PRP

The centrifugal force will arrange the morphotic parts according to the gravitational weight and obtain 4 fractions. There will be red blood cells at the bottom of the test tube, a separating gel above them, plasma (PRP and PPP) on top of them, and hyaluronic acid (HA) conglomerate on top. Turn the test tube upside down several times, which will allow the plate concentrate to mix with hyaluronic acid. Mixing the PRP phase with the HA will result in the production of platelet-rich plasma enriched in hyaluronic acid.

Use a 20G 0.9x70mm needle and draw the resulting solution directly into the syringe. The contained separating gel is not intended for injection. From the separation of 1 test tube, you will receive a total of about 5 ml of platelet-rich plasma enriched with hyaluronic acid.

Step 4: Injection

Immediately apply the resulting solution to the tissues. Administration of the concentrate within 30 minutes from the moment of collection ensures full biological activity of the solution. It is possible to use some or all of the obtained preparation.

Step 5: Disposal

After use, dispose of all components of the procedure set in accordance with the guidelines for handling materials potentially contaminated with blood. Take care of unprotected needles and other contaminated surgical instruments.



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