Dives Med. – Rich Hair PRP – trichology kit for PRP with biotin


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Dives Med. – Rich Hair PRP – trichology kit for PRP with biotin

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The use of a specialized DIVES MED RICH HAIR PRP kit allows to obtain platelet-rich plasma (PRP), i.e. an autologous blood-derivative containing biotin beneficial for hair and scalp regeneration.
Alopecia and hair thinning Alopecia Loss of natural hair density Brittle and brittle hair Skin eczema and seborrheic dermatitis Improving the blood supply to the scalp
  • Stimulation of cell growth and division
  • Extending the anagen phase Increasing the volume of the hair follicle and the thickness of the hair cuticle
  • Strong revitalization and regeneration of hair and scalp Initiation of active angiogenesis and improvement of microcirculation
  • Regulation of keratinization
  • Optimization of physiological and biochemical changes
  • PRP concentrate with biotin is obtained by taking blood directly from the patient and its subsequent centrifugation.
  • The centrifugation process separates the individual morphotic elements of blood according to their weight and separates the biotin fractions, PLT (platelets) and plasma.
  • As a result, we obtain a highly concentrated concentrate with remarkably regenerating and stimulating properties, which we reimplant into the patient’s body.
  • The main advantage of the therapy is its autologous safety, with no risk of allergies, intolerance or rejection.

Advantages of the set Closed System – Tubes allow a vacuum, completely closed blood collection system, which increases surgical safety and prevents material contamination Medical polycarbonate – Making medical polycarbonate tubes, results in maximizing the level of platelets in the PRP concentrate and increasing the effectiveness of the therapy ACD + separating gel – Filled with ACD anticoagulant solution (sodium citrate, citric acid, glucose) and separating gel, facilitating the treatment Single packing – Each tube is packed in a separate blister, allowing the set to be divided into 2 independent treatments Biotin – Filled with biotin, effectively extending the anagen phase and intensifying the regeneration process of the scalp Tubes are intended for reimplantation procedures and marked with a medical certificate of group II B in vivo Autologous safety, with no risk of allergy, intolerance or rejection. CE CERTIFICATE 0123 IIB



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