Elancyl Slim Design Cafeine + Lierre 150ml


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Elancyl Slim Design Cafeine + Lierre 150ml

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With extract of sweet almond, Brown Algae + Provitam E

With extract of sweet almond, Brown Algae + Provitam E
Specially developed to help reduce cellulite , including watery cellulite that gives an appearance of ” orange peel ” to the skin.

Elancyl Slim Design Slimming Oil 150ml is the first treatment that fights the 3 dimensions of cellulite. An anti- cellulite revolution in 3 acts the [Complexe Caffeine]

3D is able to act on the 3 major factors of cellulite for a visible smoothing of orange peel: destocking, drainage and de-stiffening. It is both moisturizing and nourishing.

Caffeine acts on the destocking of fats and at the same time facilitates the conversion of triglycerides into free fatty acids that are easy to eliminate.
Ivy strengthens the elasticity and firmness of the skin . In the morning, destocking is favored, in the evening storage intensifies.
The salacia braking thickens the connective tissue fibers to make the skin smoother and plump .

Clever texture: reflective pigments for immediate optical smoothing of the skin from the first application.

Advice for use and dosage

It is advisable to perform a specific massage, simple and effective to enhance the effectiveness of the product.

Apply to previously cleansed and dried skin by making upward movements on the targeted areas.
Quickly press rhythmically upwards on both sides of the affected areas.
Pinch and roll vertically and / or transversely over the parts to be treated: buttocks, abdomen, upper thighs and inner knees.


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