Elever cosmetics Clear Glow set


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Elever cosmetics Clear Glow set

  • Clear Glow – set for daily care

The Clear Glow set is three cosmetics for beautiful, healthy skin in one package. What does it include? Delicate Panapi enzyme peeling, Perfect And Clean Face face wash gel and SunnyDay Protect face cream with a high SPF 50 sunscreen.


  • Panapi enzyme peeling – deep cleansing of all skin types

Panapi enzyme peeling is a cosmetic with exfoliating properties. Its delicate formula works on the surface of the skin, exfoliating dead skin and removing impurities from its surface. The cosmetic soothes sensitive skin, moisturizes and brightens it. In addition, it leaves a silky and radiant complexion.

Its action is due, among others, to papain rich in vitamins and minerals, thanks to which it gives the skin a radiant glow and evens out its color, and papaya fruit extract with firming and exfoliating properties.


  • Perfect and Clean Face face wash gel – reduces the production of sebum

Perfect and Clean Face gel is a cosmetic with a light consistency and a pleasant fragrance. It thoroughly cleanses the skin of impurities and excess sebum. It perfectly copes with the remains of make-up. Refreshes, leaves the skin matte effect.

The cosmetic has a perfectly balanced composition. Thanks to such extracts of echinacea and green tea, it moisturizes the skin, neutralizes the effects of free radicals and has a toning effect. The gel also contains 10-HDA acid, which protects against the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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