Erogen-X Gel 150ml Longer & Thicker Penis


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Erogen-X Gel 150ml Longer & Thicker Penis

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Erogen-X Gel 150ml

Erogen X is a formula that increases the size of the penis and increases sexual performance, intended for use in the form of a gel. Its use is based on the action of only natural ingredients of plant origin, with a strong concentration and properly selected proportions. The formula works on four levels: it improves blood flow within the penis, dilates and makes blood vessels more elastic, increases the volume of the cavernous bodies of the penis and contributes to the increase of testosterone in the body – all this causes the member to gain massiveness, volume and also be able to last longer stimulate partner’s erogenous zones. Increased testosterone levels provide a stronger erection and stronger experience.
Erogen X composition:

Cinnamon oil – increases the synthesis of nitric oxide, which causes smooth muscle in the blood vessels to relax. Thanks to this, the amount of blood delivered to the penis increases at key moments, which makes the penis gain massiveness and volume, while erections are longer and stronger

Benzyl nicotinate – is responsible for cell oxygenation and skin smoothing. Thanks to its presence, the body regenerates faster, which makes it possible to have several relationships in a row.

Vaseline – binds water on the surface of the epidermis, which increases the sensitivity of the skin of the penis and scrotum. Thus, the experience during sex is deeper, and orgasms – long-lasting.
Erogen X application:

Massage the gel gently into the skin of the penis. Use twice a day.





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