Eroxel Longer Penis Erektion 520mg 30caps


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Eroxel Longer Penis Erektion 520mg 30caps

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Product information:

The preparation is intended for men dissatisfied with the size of the member and struggling with erection problems. Eroxel is a composition of natural plant extracts that, acting in combination, contribute to increasing not only the mass of the penis, but also sexual sensations. The product strengthens erections and extends the duration of intercourse. It works on three levels: clearing blood vessels within the penis, increases testosterone levels and increases the volume of the penis chambers, which contributes to stronger, sure erections and enlargement of the size of the natural.
Eroxel composition:

Zinc – reduces fatigue, protects the prostate

Ginseng extract – helps to reduce the tone of blood vessels, thanks to which the blood is able to reach the penis faster, more efficiently and in larger quantities – this has a direct effect on the increase in the size of the member and the strength and length of the erection

Pumpkin seed extract – thanks to the presence of natural zinc, it strengthens the man’s lust and sexual potential

Cranberry fruit extract – is a source of valuable vitamins: C, B1 and B2, fiber and mineral salts, i.e. elements that have a positive effect on potency

Smooth licorice root extract – regulates the endocrine system

L-arginine HCL – affects the expansion of blood vessels and reducing their tone, so that the penile cavernous bodies are able to receive more blood – this is important in increasing the mass of the member and achieving a strong and lasting erection
Eroxel application:

One capsule a day. Drink with water.




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