Haequeo Classic 1ml



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Haequeo Classic 1ml

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Cross-linked dermal filler in the form of a highly purified gel, produced according to innovative, patented methods that give the gel a special structure. This guarantees an optimal and long-lasting aesthetic effect, The product spreads evenly in the interstitial spaces of the skin, maintaining exceptional durability, while clearly maintaining the correction as natural as possible, It is a new model of corrective therapy: restructuring of macro areas” due to cohesiveness, softness, expansion and ease of administration of the product during injection. Highly purified, cross-linked HA gel produced according to patented methods that guarantee optimal and long-lasting aesthetic effect (viscoelasticity), The unique shape of the HA molecule makes the product compatible with the tissue – a natural effect after administration, the so-called “BODY LIKE

INDICATIONS: fine wrinkles, mimic lines contouring the area around the mouth and eye socket, forehead wrinkles, lip contouring




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