HairMax® Den • si • ty 3-piece starter kit


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HairMax® Den • si • ty 3-piece starter kit

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Delicate cleansing and moisture balancing properties prepare the scalp and hair for the NRG8 complex. The Den • si • s kit provides optimal treatment for a more complete, healthier appearance of the hair. HairMax combines the science of promoting healthy scalp with rejuvenating properties.

Den • si • ty start kit includes:
STIMUL8 shampoo – 60 ml
EXHILAR8 conditioner – 60 ml
Serum ACCELER8 Hair Booster + Nutrients – 30 ml

It reduces the accumulation of dirt and brittle hair. It makes the hair exceptionally clean, removing impurities from the hair follicles to maximize the effectiveness of the Serum ACCELER8 ™ Hair Booster + Nutrients

Apply STIMUL8 shampoo to wet hair, massaging into the hair and scalp for 30 seconds. The product should be thoroughly rinsed.

HairMax EXHILAR8 ™ from NRG8-pLEX ™ provides improved hair condition and hydration that delicate and lifeless hair wants. It protects hair from damage caused by heat, stylization and environmental stress. The formula of conditioner strengthens every hair, leaving the hair fuller, stronger and full of life.

We apply EXHILAR8 conditioner on the hair and scalp, gently massaging in a circular motion. Leave for 2-3 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Activator ACCELER8 ™ Hair Booster + Nutrients
The laser-activated serum brings maximum benefits to the hair. Thickens hair and lifts at the base.

Serum should be sprayed on the scalp and gently massaged for 2 minutes. Connect with HairMax laser treatment.
Do not rinse.




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