Hairmax® Density Shampoo & Conditioner 300ml + 300ml


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Hairmax® Density Shampoo & Conditioner 300ml + 300ml

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  • Hairmax Density Shampoo 300 ML
  • Hairmax Density 300 ML conditioner

An aromatherapy experience that combines the science of scalp health with rejuvenating properties to transform your hair and scalp so you can enjoy thick hair. By using advanced liposome technology to deliver bioactive ingredients directly to hair follicles, Hairmax has taken hair care to a new level.

Our proprietary NRG8-pLEX® system contains caffeine, apple stem cells, biotin, Reishi mushrooms and niacinamide, providing ingredients that support healthy hair and scalp.

Hairmax Density shampoo

*Improves hair density

*Removes accumulated impurities

*Gently cleanses without removing essential oils

*Strengthens hair follicles and provides anti-aging benefits

*Gently exfoliates and strengthens the natural protective barrier of the scalp

Hairmax Density Conditioner

*Improves hair density

*Deeply moisturizes and nourishes

*Promotes hair strength and protects against damage

*Makes styling, combing and untangling easier

*Strengthens hair follicles, stimulating faster hair growth




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