HERMZ HEALPSORIN Hemp Oil for Body and Face for Psoriasis and AZS 30ml


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HERMZ HEALPSORIN Hemp Oil for Body and Face for Psoriasis and AZS 30ml

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Healpsorin ™ hemp oil was created for problematic skin of people struggling with psoriasis and AD. Frequent irritations and inflammatory changes of the skin mean that you have to constantly struggle with itching, burning and peeling? The solution lies in properly selected care that will soothe your skin, and at the same time provide its ingredients necessary for quick regeneration.

Healpsorin ™ care oil is a preparation designed for the whole body and face, distinguished by:

a carefully selected composition based on hemp oil, enriched with nourishing argan oil and regenerating sea buckthorn oil
a dark glass bottle that protects the preparation from sunlight
with a precision pipette for hygienic application

Why is greasing the skin in psoriasis and atopic dermatitis so important?

Oils help rebuild the lipid barrier, which protects your skin against harmful external factors, microorganisms and excessive water loss. Natural vegetable fats are additionally a rich source of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, thanks to which they deeply nourish the skin affected by psoriasis or AD. Appropriate lubrication of the skin also reduces burning and itching resulting from its irritation.

Healpsorin ™ hemp oil is a good complement to psoriasis and AD, and its daily use turns out to be the key to taming lesions. The formula of the preparation is free of irritating preservatives and dyes. Instead, we developed a composition with ideal proportions of oils, extracts and active ingredients of plant origin that do not cause allergic reactions.
Healpsorin ™ hemp oil for skin care with eczema and psoriasis contains, among others:

Hemp oil – extracted from hemp, has an ideal proportion of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It contains large amounts of terpenes and phenolic compounds that have anti-inflammatory and immunostimulatory effects, but also prevent the development of microorganisms.
Sea-buckthorn oil – especially recommended for skin diseases due to its regenerating properties. It is distinguished by a very high content of vitamin C, E, provitamin A, amino acids and minerals, which nourishes and strengthens the skin, while protecting it from free radicals.
Argan oil – has anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to the phytosterols present in it, such as spinasterol and schotenol. As a component of caring oil, Healpsorin ™ perfectly soothes atopic and psoriatic skin irritations.
Squalene – obtained from olives, an important component of the epidermal lipid barrier. It protects the skin against excessive drying, has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and additionally increases the absorption of other active compounds deep into the skin.
Bergamot oil – an essential oil of orange peel, which has an exceptionally beautiful fragrance. It supports the treatment of psoriasis and AD by reducing skin inflammation and limiting the development of microorganisms




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