Hyalual Profi DeLux PPS 150ml spray


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Hyalual Profi DeLux PPS 150ml spray

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Preparation for postoperative care

Profi Delux – after-treatment spray. It shortens skin healing time after invasive procedures and allows patients to quickly see the desired effects. The non-contact method of application meets the needs of even the most demanding patients, and the innovative structure allows for a quick and comfortable experience of the effects of treatments.

Active ingredients:
• Hyaluronic acid – anti-inflammatory, stimulates cell migration and proliferation, activates fibroblasts and macrophages
• Sodium succinate – antioxidant effect, increases energy levels in cells in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
• ultrapure water – contains no CO2 as a propellant.

Effective against:
• Redness and edema.
• Pain during the operation and during the postoperative period.
• A long period of skin healing after surgery.
• Danger of dyschromia (skin pigmentation disorders).
• Risk of pathological injury to wound surfaces.
• The risk of infection.


  • After the treatment, spray the preparation for 3 seconds at a distance of 25-35 cm from the skin surface.
  • Then 3-4 more times after absorbing the first dose and creating a microfilm on the surface of the skin (1-2 min).
  • Post-treatment: Use up to 5 times twice a day on the day of surgery and for the next 3 days after laser treatment on the day of surgery and 3 days after the procedure.
  • After fractional photothermolysis, apply 4 times a day within the first 3 days, from the 4th to the 10th day, twice a day













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