Iberogast 2x100ml



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Iberogast 2x100ml

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1. What Iberogast® is used for

Indications for use:
Iberogast® is indicated for gastrointestinal diseases associated withdisorders of peristalsis and of digestive juice secretion.

The preparation is indicated in:
– Abdominal pain and cramps
– Heartburn and acid reflux
– Bloating and flatulence
– Constipation
– Nausea and vomiting
– Irritable bowel syndrome

2. How to take Iberogast®

Unless instructed otherwise by your doctor, takeIberogast® in a small quantity of liquid before or during meals.
Adults and adolescents aged over 13 years: 20 drops 3 timesdaily; Children aged 6 to 12 years: 15 drops 3 timesdaily; Children aged 3 to 5 years: 10 drops 3 times daily.
Shake before use. The presence of a sediment or turbidity does not affect theefficacy of Iberogast®liquid.

4. Further information

100 ml of liquid contains the following active substances:

Extract of:

Iberis amara (Bitter candytuft – fresh whole plant)(1:1.5-2.5) 15.0 ml:
Extracting agent 50 % ethanol (v/v)

Extracts of:

Angelica root (1:2.5-3.5) 10.0 ml
Balm leaves (1:2.5-3.5) 10.0 ml
Caraway fruits (1:2.5-3.5) 10.0 ml
Celandine (1:2.5-3.5) 10.0 ml
Chamomile flowers (1:2-4) 20.0 ml
Liquorice root (1:2.5-3.5) 10.0 ml
Milk thistle fruit (1:2.5-3.5) 10.0 ml
Peppermint leaves (1:2.5-3.5) 5.0 ml
Extracting agent for all ingredients: 30 % ethanol (v/v)










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