KABELLINE 8ml ampoule vial no box

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KABELLINE 8ml ampoule vial no box

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Kabelline – the preparation is characterized by high safety and effectiveness. It achieves excellent results in the treatment of the chin contour and jaw line, as well as the reduction of “hamsters” and the general excess of accumulated fat around the face. It can be used both on it and on the whole body.

High Purity Sodium Deoxycholate ppc.
Special sterile technology.
Particles 50~70 nanomicrons, size smaller than a cell.
Sodium Deoxycholate: purity: 98% Made in Japan

Composition: deoxycholate 5mg, purified PPC 99.8%, L-Carnitine


the minimum number of treatments necessary to obtain satisfactory results
short duration of the procedure (about 20 minutes)
no preparation for the procedure
no recovery time
no need for anesthesia
clinically proven effectiveness
innovative composition of the preparation optimizing the effects of therapy
high safety of therapy resulting from the highest quality and purity of Kabelline active substances
a combination of Kabelline’s lipolytic action with strong skin conditioning, preventing skin sagging in the place of decreasing tissue circumferences
the therapy is also dedicated to slim people who cannot get rid of unnecessary fat tissue by diet or physical exercise

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