LeedFrost Lidocaine 10,56% 200g


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LeedFrost Lidocaine 10,56% 200g

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Action:It inhibits the formation and conduction of nerve impulses, therefore it is perfect for use before treatments on the skin surface.

Storage: Store in an airtight container at room temperature

Expiration date: 24 months from the production date

Directions for use:

  • apply a layer of cream on undamaged skin, wait 15 to 30 minutes, wash off the cream and proceed with the treatment. To speed up the action of the cream, you can apply an occlusive foil to the cream.
  • The degree of skin anesthesia depends on the time the preparation remains on the skin and the dose used, as well as the area of the skin. If it is necessary to obtain deep skin anesthesia, the application process can be repeated.





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