Louis Santier Eternelle 50g Night Lift cream

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Louis Santier Eternelle 50g Night Lift cream

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The lifting anti-wrinkle night cream is a unique, advanced treatment for skin with visible signs of aging, lacking firmness, tired with the passage of time and factors such as stress and environmental pollution. It gives a fresh, youthful appearance, effectively restoring the skin’s radiance and vitality.

The action of the cream is based on a unique combination of multifunctional and modern active ingredients with a strong and effective lifting, firming, smoothing and wrinkle-reducing effect.

It induces the structural reconstruction of the skin density, prevents it from sagging, improves the face oval and soothes features. It activates and stimulates regenerative processes in the deeper layers of the skin, while reducing discoloration and irritation. Ultra-comfortable velvety texture, absorbs quickly, ensuring exceptional pleasure of use, leaving the skin perfectly smooth and taut.




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