Love Cosmedical StrikeCell 5x10ml


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Love Cosmedical StrikeCell 5x10ml

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Formula designed exclusively to combat cellulite.Objective: limiting the evolutionary process of cellulite by improving its appearance in small irregularities.Dosage 1 vial per sessionComposition Caffeine. It activates the catabolism of tissue lipids, increasing the reduction of fat deposits. Carnitine. increases lipid catabolism. Field horsetail. It has a diuretic effect, balances the concentration of electrolytes and minerals. Artichoke. detoxifying and diuretic effect. EDTA. solubilizes and removes extracellular heavy metals, toxic elements secondary to microcirculation damage. Metal chelation: 1) reduces the activity of MMPs, proteases responsible for remodeling the fibrous bonding component. 2) limits the spread of damage caused by free radicals (antioxidant effectProtocol 1 vial per session 1 session a week for 5-6 weeks Remove the remaining single changes with CELLUERASE. Fixation of the effects: every 6 months, 5-6 sessions.



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