Lumi Eyes set 10x1ml

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Lumi Eyes set 10x1ml

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Lumi Eyes is a modern tissue stimulator dedicated to needle mesotherapy treatments around the eyes and the tear valley with a filling effect, but without the side effects in the form of lymphoedema.

The preparation restores damage to the dermis with the help of polynucleotides that have regenerative properties.

The effect of using Lumi Eyes is intensely moisturized and rejuvenated skin without symptoms of fatigue and bruising.


  • intense hydration,
  • reduction of shallow wrinkles,
  • improvement of skin elasticity,
  • tightening of flabby and sagging skin,
  • revitalization of the eye area,
  • area of ​​application: valley of tears, around the eyes.

Durability of the effect depends on the individual predispositions of the patient – up to about 7-9 months.

Composition PDRN polynucleotides 2 mg / ml 250-350 kDa deoxyribonucleic acid.


  • Intradermally.
  • Needle size recommended: 32Gx4mm.
  • Recommended insertion technique: serial puncture technique, linear injection technique.
  • Recommended treatment session: up to 2 treatments every 20-30 days.


  • 1 pre-filled syringe of 1 ml
  • 32G x 4mm needle.

Product for professional use only.

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