Marine Collagen Watermelon Gummies 60szt



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Marine Collagen Watermelon Gummies 60szt

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Marine Collagen Gummies – Watermelon

✔ As much as 600mg of pure marine collagen per serving
✔ 5000% of the daily requirement of Vitamin B7 (Biotin)
✔ High concentration of Zinc and Vitamins C and E
✔ Completely sugar-free
✔ Contains no gelatin

MARINE COLLAGEN GUMMIES without sugar or artificial enhancers. They are fully in line with the company’s values. Marine collagen gummies contain no carbohydrates or gelatine, making them ideal for any diet. They provide valuable active ingredients in a delicious form. They are a healthy and functional snack that does not raise blood sugar levels.
Collagen gummies are a modern, delicious form of collagen supplementation. Rousselot® marine collagen in gummies from The Collagen Company® is easily absorbed by the body, and regular consumption helps to replenish protein deficiencies in the diet.

The highest possible concentration – 300 mg of collagen per gummy.

1 pack = 30 days of supplementation.




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