Matrigen B -TOX PEEL 12x10ml


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Matrigen B -TOX PEEL 12x10ml

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Multi-stage chemical peeling combined with strong skin conditioning and deep tissue restructuring.

The innovative composition of B-TOX PEEL combined with SiliToxTM technology guarantees deep penetration and strong skin revitalization.
B-TOX PEEL rich in natural sponge, hydrolyzed collagen, oligopeptides, rose extract, aloe, hyaluronic acid, stem cells, white mulberry extract and centellia asiatica, provides an additional stimulating effect and optimizes skin auto-renewal.

The effect is fresh and radiant skin without any imperfections.

Melasma and discoloration
Enlarged pores
Flabby skin and wrinkles
Skin imperfections

Deep tissue stimulation and restructuring
Intensive circulation and regeneration
Smoothing the skin and removing discoloration
Eliminating acne and skin imperfections
Thickening of the fibrous layer of the dermis
Removal of excessive stratum corneum
Increased absorption of active substances

In a small glass container, combine B-Tox Powder with B-Tox Solution. The resulting mixture
apply to previously cleansed and degreased skin. Massage the product into the skin by adding in
during the course of the additional amount of B-Tox Solution to enhance the effect. After massaging, apply to face
wet compress or gauze and leave for 10-15 minutes. After this time, remove and close everything
leftover preparation. Apply a soothing ampoule and regenerating serum to the skin. After massaging
protect the skin with a sunscreen.

1 set is enough for 6 treatments

The treatment set includes:
2 x abrasive gradient powder
2 x acid activator
6 x regenerative ampoule with stem cells
2 x soothing ampoule




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