MATRIGEN Fluids Brightening 20x2ml

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MATRIGEN Fluids Brightening 20x2ml

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Matrigen fluids- Blemish Meso BB is a serum used to permanently illuminate the skin and mask its imperfections. The innovative formula saturated with natural pigments allows you to achieve the effect of indelible makeup and a lasting effect of radiant and illuminated skin throughout the year. By introducing pigment particles and highlighter into the skin, the skin gains a healthy glow and effectively reflects natural light. The serum effectively replaces the common coloring fluid and successfully replaces everyday make-up. Matrigen Meso BB is also a care serum that also contains highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and a number of nutrients that enhance the effects of therapy. The combination of strong skin revitalization and mechanical camouflage of its imperfections guarantees the WOW effect! Matrigen Meso BB is: permanent illumination of the skin and giving the glam-shine effect elimination of gray, dull and tired skin eliminating discoloration, freckles and hyperpigmentation uniform skin tone correcting the effects of photoaging (age spots) correction of shadows under the eyes reducing the visibility of scars and stretch marks deep skin supplementation and revitalization TREATMENT PROTOCOLIntroducing the product into the skin takes place in a professional aesthetic procedure, consisting in the use of a device that microperforates the skin and the simultaneous application of the product (Dr. Pen). Due to micro-punctures in the skin, the preparation diffuses into the lower layers of the epidermis and causes its permanent pigmentation. Giving the right color is gradual, and it takes about 3-4 treatments to fix it. The effects of the therapy are temporary and there is no risk of an undesirable modification of the pigment color in the skin. Due to the shallow application of Meso BB, the treatment is completely painless and requires no recovery time. 1 ampoule – 2 ml (1 treatment) – the package contains 20 ampoules




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