MATRIGEN – Gluta Complex 50ML



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MATRIGEN – Gluta Complex 50ML

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Intensive Brightening serum intended for micro-needle mesotherapy treatments.A revitalizing concentrate with a strong depigmenting effect, intended for discolored and sun-aged skin. The contained whitening complex, rich in the strongest anti-discoloration substances, such as glutathione, arbutin and a number of plant extracts, quickly eliminates pigmentation spots and actively reduces the formation of new melanin clusters. Dedicated to all types of discoloration (acne, inflammatory, hormonal, melasma) effectively supports the fight for perfect skin, free of any imperfections.The skin after the treatment is smooth, moisturized, brightened and full of youthful glow. Destiny:Microcephalic mesotherapyPost-treatment careDo not inject! The included syringes are for sterile collection and epidermal (external) application only Action:antioxidant effectmoisturizing the skin and improving hydrodynamicsdepigent and brightening actioneliminating discoloration and improving skin toneacceleration of cell proliferation and their oxygenationreduction of skin sensitivityacceleration of regeneration Active ingredients: Rice bran extract, Urea, Niacinamide, Arbutin, Glutathione, Butylene glycol, Coptis Japonica extract, Chinesis Rehmannia extract, Arginine, Olive extract,




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