MCCM Cvita 180° Pack


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MCCM Cvita 180° Pack

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A facial treatment that provides beautiful glow and an excellent brightening effect – while preventing photoaging.

What’s included:
5 x 10% salicylic acid (5ml)
5 x vitamin C (5 ml)…
5 Cvita 180º Mask (20ml)
CVITA 180º Cream (50ml)

Strong whitening effect. Additionally, the treatment protects against the formation of free radicals due to oxidative stress, as a result of pollution, tobacco and UV radiation, which are responsible for the formation of wrinkles. The treatment gives the skin radiance and removes signs of fatigue.

What will happen after the procedure:

improving skin firmness,
regeneration and stimulation of cell growth,
elimination of fine wrinkles,
strengthens the walls of blood vessels,
neutralizes free radicals,
protects the skin against bacteria,
ensures that the skin is properly moisturized and balanced
evens out the skin tone




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