MESOBOOST Arnica Hialuronic Acid – eyes serum 30ml


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MESOBOOST Arnica Hialuronic Acid – eyes serum 30ml

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The serum is recommended for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, with vascular problems, swelling, as well as for the eye area. The formula of the product is based on arnica extract, valued for its ability to shrink small blood vessels and reduce their visibility. It accelerates the healing of micro-injuries and the absorption of bruises. The product perfectly cares for the eye area with a tendency to bruises, puffiness and “bags”.

– Reduction of bruises and puffiness under the eyes
– Improvement of microcirculation
-Strengthening of blood vessels and their shrinkage
– Smoothing wrinkles
-Accelerating the absorption of subcutaneous haemorrhages
-Increase in hydration

arnica, triple hyaluronic acid.

A small amount of the product should be applied every night to the skin of the face, neck and cleavage. Use to maintain the effects of treatments with the use of MESOBOOST ARNICA HIALURONIC ACID preparations.





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