Mesoboost Capillar - Serum for broken vessels 100ml


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Mesoboost Capillar - Serum for broken vessels 100ml

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Specialized Mesoboost® Capillar serum combining the synergy of 1.5% triple hyaluronic acid and lactobionic acid. Recommended for sensitive, vascular skin prone to erythema. The precisely developed composition based on ingredients of pharmaceutical purity and clinically proven properties of lactobionic acid guarantee instant relief of red, irritated skin as well as strengthening of the skin’s protective barrier. The serum also stimulates repair processes and soothes inflammation. Enriching the composition with ginkgo biloba extract helps to improve microcirculation, strengthening the blood vessels. Effectively counteracts telangiecthesia and eliminates edema.


Skin capillaries
Skin with symptoms of rosacea

Active ingredients

1.5% triple hyaluronic acid
Lactobionic acid
Ginkgo biloba extract


The product can be applied manually or based on the use of cosmetic devices and microneedle mesotherapy.

Use in home treatment: A small amount of the product should be applied daily to the face, neck and décolleté every night, avoiding the eye area.




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