MESOBOOST Makeup Remover Gel – makeup remover gel 100 ml


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MESOBOOST Makeup Remover Gel – makeup remover gel 100 ml

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Ultra-gentle make-up remover and face wash gel recommended for all skin types, including extremely sensitive skin. The formula is based on a triple hyaluronic acid complex and is enriched with soothing ingredients – panthenol and allantoin. Their synergistic action enhances the moisturizing potential, soothes irritations and restores the skin’s elasticity, firmness and radiance.

It smoothes the skin, fills wrinkles and mimic lines and eliminates signs of fatigue. The product perfectly prepares the skin for the next stages of the Mesoboost treatment.

Preparation of the skin for the treatment.

triple hyaluronic acid, panthenol, allantoin

Apply a small amount of the product on the face and around the eyes. Clean the skin with washing movements, then wash it off with cotton pads moistened in water.





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