Natinuel EXTRA TONE 30ml

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Natinuel EXTRA TONE 30ml

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A tightening and filling serum for skin without tension. It models the contour of the face and stimulates regenerative processes.

The unique formula of the preparation has been developed in such a way as to guarantee a gradual improvement of the skin’s tone” through a deep structural effect, and at the same time provide an immediate cosmetic lifting effect.

The treated areas of the skin are quickly smoothed, the skin remains firm and smooth.


The skin is devoid of firmness and tension.

Indicated for the neck and the falling “tonus” of the face.


Improving the oval of the face and raising its contour

Improvement of skin tension, consistency, firmness and elasticity

It stimulates regenerative processes

It has an antioxidant effect

Visibly smoothes the skin and leaves a cosmetic lifting effect.

Tetrapeptide 7, DMAE, Lipoic Acid, Pentacare Na, Pronalen Flash Tens
Packaging: 30 ml



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