NATINUEL Face filler strong – anti-wrinkle serum 2x10ml

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NATINUEL Face filler strong – anti-wrinkle serum 2x10ml

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Anti-wrinkle serum, remodeling, filling, lifting effect.

Light, transparent fluid with quick absorption, does not contain fragrances. Product with high dermatological activity. The formula of the preparation was focused on the action of bio-lipofilling (remodeling) and bio-filler (filling), improving the consistency, elasticity and viscoelasticity of the skin, giving the face a lifting effect. It increases the activity of fibroblasts, rebuilds the components of DEJ (Basal Membrane) and MEC (Extracellular Matrix).

• Thickening of the skin and epidermis
• Bio-lipofilling – remodulation
• Bio-filler- filling
• Lifting effect

Active substances:
ADIPOFILL L-ORNITHIN IONOSOMY: Bio-lipofilling-remodulation, reduces nasolabial wrinkles, makes the skin plump and younger appearance. Adipofill activates HIF-1 is a liposomal concentrate (it is a positive response of adipose tissue to microstress. Adipofill acts globally on adipocytes: it activates adipogenesis (converts pre-adipocytes into adipocytes). It activates lipogenesis (fatty acid synthesis). Inhibits lipolysis (Iniisibizione della lipolysis (breakdown of lipids into free fatty acids).
PROGELINE: A biomimetic peptide derived from elafin protein – the enzyme that is responsible for the integrity of the ECM (Extracellular Matrix). PROGERIN modulator – proteins responsible for cell aging. Thanks to complete remodulation, it improves the aesthetic appearance of wrinkles.
HYAKARE (CL filler) CROSS-LINKED HYALURONIC ACID: DERMA FILLER with local application is a special cross-linked hyaluronic acid, has a high absorption capacity and increased resistance to enzymatic degradation. Visibly improves skin hydration.
VOLUFORM PALMITOYL ISOLEUCIN: Fills in fine lines, wrinkles and slims the cheeks, exposing the cheekbones. Firms the skin, helps maintain or rebuild the optimal facial skin architecture. VOLUFORM restores the ability to differentiate adipocytes and restores the skin’s youthful appearance.

Capacity 2 x 10 ml syringe.





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