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Sterile preparation, 20 ml

A treatment indicated to improve the aesthetics of the skin by increasing the consistency of the dermis.

Mechanism of action: Skin tissues lose their texture and volume as they age. This, in turn, due to the force of gravity, causes soft tissue to fall, and as a result, the appearance of the skin deteriorates. The removal of this imperfection through skin fibrosis causes problems with skin metabolism and should therefore only be used in elderly patients.
This product contains an irritating hypertonic acid solution and amino acids. Irritants trigger an inflammatory reaction in the dermis. As a result of this reaction, phibrogenic collagen is formed.
It tends to thicken over time due to the shrinkage of the fibers, and such thickening causes stretching of the hypotonic skin tissue. An aesthetic manifestation of such compaction is the skin lifting effect. Inflammatory mediators (interleukins) bind to CD40, directing collagen synthesis towards the formation of phibrogenic collagen. After all, in a positively charged acid environment, secretion occurs more easily
fragments of the procollagen carboxyl group (negatively charged) where the first type of collagen is best formed. This allows the skin to thicken, which, along with the contraction of the fibers, leads to – skin tension.

Method of application: The product is applicable to all hypotonic areas (can also be introduced with the use of the SKIN PEN-Natinuel mesotherapy device). The treatment is performed once a week for 4 subsequent applications
wait one month before repeating the treatment.




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