Nimue Conditioner Tonic Spray, 140ml


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Nimue Conditioner Tonic Spray, 140ml

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Nimue Conditioner Tonic Spray, 140ml

Skin regeneration regenerating toner.

It is a specially formulated preparation that stimulates peeling and restores fresh appearance of the skin through the content of alpha-hydroxy acids. It is an important step in the skin restoration program.

Skin type:

  • leather with damage characteristics
  • hyperpigmentation skin
  • problem skin

Product features:

  • improved texture, clarity and freshness of the skin
  • accelerate the process of rejuvenation of the skin
  • degreasing and deep cleansing
  • bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties

Skin benefits:

  • Gently refreshes the skin with tea tree oil and petitgrain
  • Contains a unique combination of hydrating and natural ingredients that condition the skin’s proper hydration
  • The synergistic complex of AHA acids restores balance and brightens the skin without drying out





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