Nimue Day Fader Tube 50ml


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Nimue Day Fader Tube 50ml

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Whitening day cream with anti-aging effect that regulates skin complexion and protection against free radicals.

It is a light facial cream with a mixture of extracts of bleaching complexes to gently improve the complexion of the skin and adjust the color tone. Vitamin C ester improves skin shine and minimizes surface signs of aging, while vitamin E ester protects against free radicals.
  • Skin Brightening Complex
  • 5% Bearberry Extract
  • 5% Botanical Blend
  • Εστέρας βιταμίνης C
  • Εστέρας βιταμίνης E
  • Οργανικά και Ανόργανα αντιηλιακά φίλτρα



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