Nimue Moisturiser Lite Tube 50ml


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Nimue Moisturiser Lite Tube 50ml

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Moisturizing Face Cream with Triple Action and easily absorbed for 24 hours a day.

It contains a valuable blend of moisturizing agents that help the skin absorb moisture from the surrounding area. The natural fruit acids it contains promote the redefining of the texture of the epidermis and enhance the moisture retention. Natural Hydrating Extract prolongs skin hydration for up to 24 hours after application.


The Nimue Moisturiser Lite cream is also available in a jar.
  • 2,5% Σύμπλοκο οξέων φρούτων
  • Lacto Complex
  • Εστέρας βιταμίνης E
  • Εστέρας βιταμίνης C
  • Natural Hydrating Extract



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