Opalescence Boost 40 PF Intro Kit set of 4 syringes

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Opalescence Boost 40 PF Intro Kit set of 4 syringes

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Manufacturer: ULTRADENT

Opalescence Boost is a chemically activated, 40% perhydrol based gel for professional whitening and discoloration of dental tissue in the dental office. It allows you to whiten your teeth in one visit to the dentist’s office quickly and safely, without the use of trays.

The pack contains 4x 1.2ml syringes and 2x OpalDam 1.2ml and accessories.


We kindly inform you that in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Health of October 22, 2012 – amending the regulation on the lists of prohibited or permitted substances with restrictions for use in cosmetics and graphic signs on cosmetics packaging (Journal of Laws, item 1185) regarding the use of hydrogen peroxide (and hydrogen peroxide-releasing compounds), that this product is for sale only to physicians.




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