PINK PEEL SET (Pink Peel Program + DD Smart Patch)



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PINK PEEL SET (Pink Peel Program + DD Smart Patch)

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PINK PEEL Magic Program is a professional lifting procedure with estrogenic effect.
It consists of peeling and treatment-related products, the combined use of which has a strong lifting effect, contributes to systematic cell renewaland regeneration of skin tissues.

The set is designed for 12 patients – it consists of 12 x pink peel program and 12 masks.

PINK PEEL consists of Kudzu root extract with high estrogen content, Lift-THERA complex improving skin elasticity and a complex of peptides with tightening properties.

The PINK PEEL procedure includes:

  • PINK PEEL Solution
  • PINK Magic Serum
  • PINK Mask
  • PINK DD Micro leather
PINK PEEL Solution contains Kudzu-THERA acetic acid (organic acetic acid). It nourishes and safely exfoliates the skin.
PINK Magic Serum and Mask contains highly concentrated Kudzu root extractwith oestrogenic activity, as well as biopeptides, milk proteins and adenosine. These ingredients comprehensively firm and rejuvenate the skin.
PINK DD Micro Leather works like skin by providing the innovative Kudzu-Thera ingredient. Transparent and breathable membrane, micro-skin that adheres well to the face, resembling real leather.
PINK DD Micro Skin – an intelligent system of transporting active substances deep into the skin
PINK DD is a transparent and breathable membrane with a micro-skin that adheres wellfor the face, resembling real skin and acting like real skin, providing the innovative component Kudzu-THERA® (Kudzu-THERA® is highly concentrated isoflavones – natural plant phytohormones, which are 300 times more than in soy, known for its estrogenic effect).
Ingredients with estrogenic and lifting properties:
  • Theraderm laboratory has developed Kudzu-THERA and Kudzu-THERA acetic acid, a highly concentrated complex of estrogenic isoflavones, which is 300 times more than in soybeans. Both are registered with ICID as new components.
  • Kudzu-THERA-Kudzu root is known for its high content of isoflavones, i.e. natural plant phytohormones, such as, for example, daidzein, genistein, puerarin, which are 30 times more than in soybeans. Theraderm company, thanks to the 10-fold condensation of the Kudzu root, obtained 300 times more estrogen isoflavones than in soybeans
  • Kudzu-THERA acetic acid (organic acetic acid) – as a result of the natural fermentation process of Kudzu-THERA, vinegar consisting of organic acids was obtained. It is characterized by highly effective exfoliating properties, because it works similarly to the chemical peeling ingredient TCA. Organic acetic acid also contains many other organic substances, amino acids and minerals that provide essential nutrients and safely exfoliate the skin
  • Lift-THERA – a complex of active lifting proteins, including casein, hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolysed elastin, goat milk, soy proteins. The right amount of proteins affects the biological aging of the skin and its tension. Lift-THERA is ICID registered as a newly developed ingredient
  • Acetyl hexapeptide-8 and Adenosine – have a muscle-relaxing effect, inhibit the reactions that cause muscle contraction during facial expressions
  • Antioxidant- THERA – magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, tocopherol, thioctic acid, soy proteins, aloe, proretinol
  • Whitening complex – niacinamide, soy isoflavonoids, glabridin







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