Plenhyage 2.5% – 2ml (50 mg)


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Plenhyage 2.5% – 2ml (50 mg)

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Plenhyage 2.5% – 2ml (50 mg) patented product –Bioformula
Steril apyrogenic self-absorbing elastic gel of animal (fish) origin, that contains polymerised polynucleotide (PDRN).
Molecular weight 2.4 – 4 million Da.
pH 6.5 – 7.5
Concentration of endotoxin residues < 0.5UE/ml

For patients of all age groups
Plenhyage boosts skin hydration level, turgor and tonus, as well as firmness and elasticity.
It advances tissue regeneration, decreases signs of atrophy and efficiently fights against wrinkles.

The product is used as a temporary filler in cases of minor skin defects (shallow wrinkles), for correction of lip contour, treatment of fibrotic changes (medium scars) in various facial areas (periorbital areas, cheeks, cheekbone areas), neck, décolleté area, face, palm surfaces, abdominis, hips, buttocks

Optimal depth of administration: dermis

Administration technique
bolus technique with needles and cannulas
linear technique with needles and cannulas

On average, the effect lasts from 2 – 3 months

Pack: one 2ml syringe and two 30Gx13mm needles





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