PLINEST Fast 1x2ml



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PLINEST Fast 1x2ml

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Plinest Body is a biorevitalizing treatment with the use of polynucleotides (2 mg / ml).In addition to aesthetic medicine, it is also used in surgery, orthopedics and gynecology, where support for healing processes is needed. For several decades, polynucleotides have been used in medicine in the prevention and treatment of skin aging, as well as in the treatment of burns, wounds and bedsores.

Class III medical material – CE0373.

Composition A mixture of polynucleotides in the form of a gel, with a concentration of 2 mg / ml

Indications Improving the firmness of flaccid skin over large areas Stretch marks reduction • Improves skin tension Improving the condition of the skin after a large loss of body weight Improving the condition after pregnancy and childbirth Before and after sun exposure

Areas Buttocks Bust Stomach The arms Thighs Knees
Use The preparation is used in a series of at least 5 treatments at intervals of 10-14 days Support treatments – one treatment every 2-3 months The effects of the treatment are visible after the initial series of 4 treatments The basis for maintaining long-term effects is the systematic performance of maintenance treatments




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