Nucleofill Medium 1×1,5ml

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Nucleofill Medium 1×1,5ml

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Nucleofill is a biostimulator for deep skin renewal and bioreconstruction with a three-way mechanism of action.

Three-way mechanism of action:A strong lifting effect (lifting tissues, improving skin density) is obtained thanks to the action oncellular level on CD 39 receptors, leading to the production of type I collagen, elastin as wellHA and thanks to the action on CD 40 receptors, we stimulate the maturation of fibroblasts into myofibroblasts(cells having the features of muscle cells, having contractile properties – the effect of the gym).Receptor action also results in the production of new blood vessels.A strong antioxidant effect is achieved thanks to the aromatic rings in the basesnitrogen compounds present in the polynucleotide chain, which trap (scavenge) free radicalsLong-lasting hydration is achieved thanks to the phosphate groups present in the chainpolynucleotides that permanently bind water in the intercellular space.


Nucleofill is a new product on the market containing pure polynucleotides.Nucleofill is a biostimulator for deep regeneration and bioreconstruction of the skin with three directionsmechanism of action.-The receptor activity of the Nucleofill is responsible for the production of type I collagen, elastin, the formation of new vessels and the conversion of fibroblasts into myofibroblasts, i.e. a strong effectfacelift, lifting and improving skin density.- Aromatic rings are responsible for a strong antioxidant effect.- Phosphate groups strongly bind water, giving the effect of deep hydration- Nucleofill does not contain sugar or proteins, minimizing the risk of allergies.- Nucleofill is available in two strengths (Medium 20mg / ml and Strong 25mg / ml), its choicedepends on the condition of the skin, does not depend on age.


Nucleofill is intended for everyone, regardless of age, who:- they want a visible rejuvenation effect without interfering with facial features-want to reduce the visibility of wrinkles, furrows and firm the skin- for people who care about prophylactic anti-aging effects- for people who are exposed to oxidative stress (through air pollution,sun exposure, smoking, poor diet)- have flabby and dehydrated skin- before filler treatments in order to prolong the duration of their effectaesthetic

Nucleofill – 30G needles are recommended. The choice of needle and the injection procedure are determined by the treating physician. The manufacturer – PromoItalia – recommends 3 ways of administration into the dermis:

1. The 5 point technique with the use of a needle

2. Retrograde linear technique using a cannula

3. The technique of multi-injection with the use of a needle


The manufacturer recommends 4 treatments every 15-30 days.

Composition: Gel with 2% polynucleotides, pH between 6.8-7.2, viscosity 28-43 PA * S.

Package: 1 x 1.5 ml pre-filled syringe, needles 30G 13 MM 2 pcs.


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  1. Anastasia B.

    If your patients want to have rejuvenated and smooth skin this product is for them

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