REJUVI Neck rejuvenation set 2x50ml

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REJUVI Neck rejuvenation set 2x50ml

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REJUVI Neck rejuvenation set 2x50ml

Apply alternately at night. Protect against UV rays / Rejuvi Sun Block /

SKIN-STIMULATING CREAM (NECK REVITALIZING CREAM) – A unique formula using the AHA fruit acid complex combined with a specially selected combination of Retinoids / vita. A”. Hydrophilic AHA / water-soluble acids / give special care to cellular slots with similar hydrophilic features. Lipofilowy / soluble in fats / complex Wit. “A” effectively treats the skin parts of the neck with lipophilic character. The combination of these two techniques ensures synergistic and very intense cell renewal and stimulation to the production of collagen in the neck area, where the skin requires exceptional revitalization. 2) NECK INTENSIVE NOURISHING CREAM – the second element of the synergistic treatment is a unique cream using: concentrated shea butter / vitamin “F” /, Emu oil / excellent moisturizing function / and lecithin, in order to achieve intensive skin nourishment . Sód-PCA / natural skin component responsible for hydration is responsible for strengthening the moisturizing process. Sensational Astaxanthin as the strongest antioxidant in the world and Beta-Glukan strengthen the immune system of the neck skin. DMAE increases muscle tone by reducing the so-called turkey neck




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