Retix C R Pen URGO Aesthetics

For professional use in a treatment protocol, or as part of a treatment for home use.

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Retix C R Pen URGO Aesthetics

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Wireless device for microneedle mesotherapy


– 8 pcs of 12 needle cartridges equipped with a flower ending
– Two batteries included for continuous operation of the device
– Assistive Derma BioLights LED light system
– Stand for the device


R. Pen by Urgo Aesthetics is designed to perform the following treatments: skin rejuvenation, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, reduction of stretch marks, scars, post-inflammatory changes, imperfections and discoloration. The advanced technology of the device allows the use of a variable depth of punctures and the speed of its work in order to obtain the desired effect .
Piercing depth range on the ring: 0 – 2.00 mm

A fully charged battery enables continuous operation of the device for 2 hours. For the comfort of work and its continuity, the set includes two batteries.

R.Pen is equipped with the LED-Derma BioLights light system – supporting the performance of micro-punctures on the skin

GREEN, 650-730 nm: purification treatments
RED, 430-450 nm: anti-aging treatments
BLUE, 525-550 nm: treatment for skin with imperfections
YELLOW, 565-570 nm: treatments for gray skin with uneven color
FOLET, 380-440 nm: treatments for acne-prone skin
TURQUOISE, 460-495 nm: treatments for sensitive, vascular skin
NEUTRAL: treatments for skin with discoloration

ADJUSTMENT OF 5 SPEED LEVELS (RPM) rotation per minute

To select a speed, press the on / off button briefly. The selected speed level corresponds to the color of the indicator lamp.

GREEN 8,000 RPM, RED 18,000 RPM, BLUE 12,000 RPM, PURPLE, 16,000 RPM, TURQUOISE 10,000 RPM



Made of surgical steel with “flower” tips enabling optional massage during the procedure
– 12 NEEDLES – reduction of acne lesions, firming and smoothing out wrinkles, nourishing the skin
– 36 NEEDLES – reduction of scars and stretch marks, elimination of furrows, minor discolorations, rejuvenation
– NEEDLE NANO – enables massage, administration of active substances to the epidermis, suitable for sensitive and vascular skin

Packing 8 pcs.




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